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November 26, 2010

Maintaining optimum gas turbine efficiency using Rochem’s cleaning systems.

Gas turbine engines operate in many different environments, ranging from industrial sites to offshore locations, desert and arctic areas.

Today’s air filtering systems are highly sophisticated, however  microscopic amounts of dust and other air borne particles pass through the filter mesh  and are deposited on the gas turbine blades. This build up of deposit causes a fouling of the air path surfaces and results in a decrease in the air flow of the compressor and as a result, compressor performance is affected along with an increase in the consumption of fuel.

Turbine efficiency can be maintained using a regular routine of washing.  The recommended procedure, in which Rochem has specialised in for over 20 years, is to use a combination of on-line and off-line washing.

Offline cleaning methods are conducted while the gas turbine is in a cooled state.  If carried out properly, this form of cleaning will restore most of the compressors lost performance, but it is a time consuming, labour intensive and costly exercise.

Online chemical cleaning takes place with the gas turbine in normal operation and can be effective in significantly reducing the fouling of the compressor.  Online cleaning reduces the rate of compressor fouling build up and thereby extends the running time of the machine before shut down for off-line cleaning is required in order to restore full gas turbine efficiency.

Online washing should occur on a daily basis and compressors should undergo an offline wash every 800 hours in order to maintain full turbine efficiency.

Rochem recommends using cleaning chemicals and detergents for both online and offline compressor cleaning. Our chemicals break up the carbonaceous deposits that water alone is not able to remove. A typical wash takes between 10 and 20 minutes and consists of a chemical injection followed by a soaking period which allows for the breakdown of stubborn deposits. This is followed up with 1 or 2 water washes, using demineralised or deionised water.

Our Fyrewash system has been designed with safety in mind. Our patented nozzle allows for precision atomization of the spray pattern, which eliminates erosion of the engine. Rochem  have never, in more than 25 years, and millions of engine operating hours in every environment had a failure of a Rochem nozzle.

Fyrewash systems are available on a worldwide basis – contact us to find out how using our range of chemicals could impact on your gas turbine engine’s performance

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